Start your writing assignment

Thing to consider before you hand in your writing assignment application*:

  • Choose if you want to write a literature review or a research proposal.
  • Choose a writing assignment topic within the scope of your Master’s programme.
  • Choose a topic that is clearly distinct from the topic(s) of the research project(s).
  • Find an examiner and second reviewer for your writing assignment
  • Ask for approval from your programme coordinator and the Board of Examiners.

*Note: students from the master's programmes of CSDB and Biosciences (BiBc, BINN, DINN, ENVB, MCLS and SBM) participate in a pilot of which the entire writing assignment procedure is digitized. More information can be found here.

The quality and suitability of your writing assignment will be assessed by your Master’s programme coordinator and the Board of Examiners (BoE). You need to follow the steps below in order for them to process your request:

  • Fill in the General Application Form2.44 MB (open with Adobe Reader) (exception: CSDB, SBM  and BINN students do everything digitally via OSIRIS Case - see section below).
  • Ask the approval (signature) of your Master’s programme coordinator
  • Email the application form (PDF) to the Master’s Administration Office (for BioMedical students: and for BetaScience students: ) at least 20 working days before the start of your writing assignment. Epidemiology students must hand in the application form at the education office of Epidemiology (
  • Only digital forms (as a PDF via email) will be accepted.This is done before the start of your the assignment. The BoE will assess the application and within two weeks you will receive an approval email by one of the research project coordinators.  You can only start with your writing assignment after you have received an approval email.

External writing assignments, for example at non-university institutes or abroad, require signing of an additional contract, the GSLS Internship contract which you will find integrated in the General Application Form2.44 MB (open with Adobe Reader). 

Questions regarding the Internship contract can be directed to:
- sends e-mail) for Biosciences students of the Faculty of Science.
- sends e-mail) for Biomedical Sciences students of the Faculty of Medicine.

If you don't know which faculty you belong to, check here.

More information about external writing assignments is available here.

Students from the Master's programmes CSDB and Biosciences (BiBc, BINN, DINN, ENVB, MCLS and SBM) participate in a pilot in which the entire procedure for the Major Research Project, Business Internship, Writing Assignment, Mini-project and Profiles is digitized. After arranging these components of your study program, you need to register these via under the tab ‘Cases’ (‘Zaken’ in Dutch). Here, you can also check the status of your application, submit your interim assessment and finalize your project.

More information about the new procedure OSIRIS Case ('Zaak') can be found in the PDF iconmanual for students. This procedure is new for your examiner as well. Please inform him/her on beforehand and point out the available PDF iconmanual for examiners.

Both the digital procedure and the manual were created with the utmost care, but they may be incomplete or contain some errors. We would appreciate your feedback for any type of improvement, so please feel free to contact us on about your findings or in the event any issues occur.

For other comments or questions please contact your Master’s administration via

Faculty of Medicine (Biomedical Sciences programmes) - or +31 (0)88 7559397.
Faculty of Science (Biosciences programmes) - or +31 (0)30 2531858.

If you don't know which faculty you belong to, check here.