External writing assignments / going abroad

The preparation and application of an external writing assignment or a writing assignment abroad is similar to a writing assignment within the UU/UMCU. You require an examiner from the UU/UMCU and the approval from the Board of Examiners. Your examiner and supervisor host institute both need to sign the PDF iconGeneral Application Form and the Internship contract which you will find integrated in the above form (open with Adobe Reader). For CSDB and Biosciences students, the application forms can be found in OSIRIS Case ('Zaak').

The GSLS Internship Contract requires the signature of the Research Project Coordinator as well. If a GSLS Internship Contract* is used, you do not need to collect this signature. If you apply via the general application form (PDF), submit the complete application form including the contract to the Master's Administration Office and the Research Project Coordinator will review and sign the contract afterwards. If you apply via OSIRIS Case, the GSLS Internship Contract appears, and will be signed, as part of the process (no further action from your side is required).
*If your institute is providing you with a different contract, please email it to science.internshipcontracts@uu.nl(link sends e-mail) and submit the fully signed contract together with your application (either with the PDF form or in OSIRIS Case).

Questions regarding the Internship contract can be directed to:
- science.internshipcontracts@uu.nl for students of the Faculty of Science.
- researchprojectcoordinator@umcutrecht.nl for students of the Faculty of Medicine.

During your writing assignment, stay in touch with your Utrecht examiner. For more information on examination and procedures, please visit this page.

*Note: students from the CSDB and all Biosciences master's programmes participate in a pilot of which the entire procedure is digitized. More information can be found here.

If you would like to do a writing assignment abroad, start in time to arrange things for your leave. More information can be found here. Please also check the general information on going abroad during your studies that can be found here and consult the international officers in case of questions.