Duration, extension and delay

The study load of a writing assignment is 7.5 EC, which corresponds to five weeks of full-time study. The maximal duration for the writing assignment is three months from the first meeting with the supervisor to discuss the assignment until the submission of the final version.

A clear time schedule will help you to finish in time. During the first meeting with your supervisor, dates should be set for discussion of the writing plan, discussion of the first draft, and feedback on the final version. Fill out these dates on your application form. 

A writing assignment cannot be extended for more credits.

Exceeding the maximal duration
To request a new end date, send an e-mail to your research project coordinator with a document attached that includes:

  • A valid motivation for the delay. If your motivation contains matters of privacy an e-mail from your academic counsellor supporting your request will suffice;
  • A solid plan containing a time schedule and the new end date;
  • The document must be signed by your examiner.

The research project coordinator will inform you about the decision by email.