Switching between programmes

When you want to stop one Master’s programme and start another one, do the following (in this order):

  • Inform your current Master’s programme coordinator that you want to stop;
  • Apply for the new programme through the regular application procedure. Please note that regular deadlines for application as well as regular starting dates apply.
  • In case you are admitted to the new Master’s programme, you can deregister form the current programme.
  • Notify the current Master’s administration desk that you started a new Master’s programme.

Obtained study components and credits (courses, research projects etc.) will not automatically be transferred to the new Master’s programme. Therefore:

  • Contact the programme coordinator of your new Master’s programme to determine if and how the components fit in the new programme.
  • Ask the Board of Examiners to transfer the study components and credits to the new Master’s programme, by sending them a formal request. This request should contain:
    • an overview of all the study components and credits you would like to transfer;
    • an explanation how you would like to fit those components in the new Master’s programme;
    • proof that your new programme coordinator supports your request (e.g. by signing your request or via an e-mail to the Board of Examiners).