Special | Building Bridges (I Art my Science)

'Living Lab' (first floor University Library Utrecht Science Park)
Prof. dr. Paul Ziche and prof. dr. Berent Prakken
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Special seminar devoted to the opening of the I Art my Science exhibition of the first edition in the 'Living Lab' at the University Library. Prof. dr. Paul Ziche will give a keynote lecture about the theme of the exposition: building bridges. He will tell all about the interface between art and science, their connection and challenges. Furthermore, prof. dr. Berent Prakken will join as a co-commentator and share his perspective on the matters addressed.

For everyone that is interested to learn more about this topic and visit the exhibition of the first edition of the I Art my Science project. Please feel welcome to join.

Please note: registration counts for the total of Life Sciences seminars you have to follow during your Master's programme.


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