Science-based startups and entrepreneurship

Megaron, Educatorium
Stefan Braam, startup incubation lead at UtrechtInc

Stefan Braam - Startup incuabion lead UtrechtINC

UtrechtINC is a university-based -incubator, founded by the HU, UU and UMCU. Over the last 9 years, UtrechtInc has facilitated over 180 startups, of which half had a scientific bakground. Over these years UtrechtINC gained lot of experience and understands now better the success factors of science based startups, and the PhD's, doctors, researchers and professors that founded these. 

Stefan had his own startup years ago and worked in various organizations as a digital development manager for more than 15 years. He will talk about Science-based startups and entrepreneurship. Some questions he might enter?  Have you ever considered starting your own company? How can you find out if there business potential in your research? How could an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial skills help you take your knowledge to society? and much more


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