A dialogue on animals as organ donor for humans

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Isabelle Pirson MSc, MA (Rathenau Institute)
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Due to a shortage of organs for transplantation, scienctists are looking for alternatives. One of these alternatives is the use of animals, for instance by transplanting animal organs or by growing human organs in animals. Currently, this kind of research is not possible and not clearly regulated in the Netherlands. In a project spearheaded by the Rathenau Institute and NEMO Kennislink, and in collaboration with a number of other partners, is investigated what Dutch citizens think about the use of animals as organ donors. What concerns and questions do they have and what opportunities do they see?

In this seminar, Isabelle Pirson will present preliminary findings of the project 'the animal as a donor; a societal dialogue'. 

About the speaker

Isabelle Pirson obtained a master's degree in biomedical sciences and in philosophy, bioethics and health, both at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She started working at the Rathenau Institute in January 2021. One of the projects she is involved in is the 'donordier dialoog' on the use of animals as organ donors for humans. 

The Rathenau Institute supports the formation of public and political opinion on socially relevant aspects of science and technology. It does this by studying the organisation and evolution of science, technology and innovation and by nurturing public and political debate on pertinent issues.


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