Duration, extension and delay


Standard length of the project, based on 1 EC = 28 hours. This includes time to write your report and to prepare your presentation.

Research project typeNumber of ECLengthMaximal duration
Major5136 weeks12 months
General Research Profile3323 weeks9 months
Minor Medical Imaging2014 weeks6.5 months
Business internship27 / 3019 / 21 weeks8 / 8.5 months
Epidemiology project6546 weeks14.5 months

The minimal duration of your research project is in the table under 'length'. If you calculate the duration with this number of weeks, all days spend on holiday or courses should be added to the end date. During your project we estimate there will be approximately three weeks spent on regular days off, time while you wait for your assessment and holidays. Therefore, while planning your programme take into account that in practice a Major Research Project takes 9 months (39 weeks) and a General Research Project 6 months (26 weeks). Furthermore, time spent on courses should be added to the duration of the project. 

Maximal duration
In all cases your research project needs to be finished within the maximal duration. This includes handing in your report and presenting your results. This does not include the 10 working days for assessment by your examiner and second reviewer.

You can only extend your General Research Project with 6, 9 or 12 credits. Your Major Research Project cannot be extended. Apply for an extension before the start of your General Research Project. This can be pointed out on the application form. 

Extension after start of your General Research Project
After you started your General Research Project, it can only be extended for credits in exceptional cases. Apply for this extension by sending a formal request to the Board of Examiners, signed by your examiner and programme coordinator. Do this well before the start of the extension. 

No credits
Extra credits will not be granted if you need more time to complete your project, for example due to failed experiments or problems during the analysis or writing phase. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances the end date of your project might change. If the new end date falls within the maximal duration of the projectthis only needs to be approved by your examiner. Valid reasons for postponing the end date are:

  • More time spent on courses;
  • Extra time off due to personal circumstances;
  • Examiner/supervisor needs more time due to personal circumstances.

If the new end date falls within the maximal duration of the project, informing the research project coordinator is not necessary.

A request to exceed the maximal duration of the research project has to be submitted at the research project coordinator before the maximal duration is exceeded.

Valid reasons for postponing the end date are:

  • You followed courses, were a student assistant, participated in events or extra training to improve your skills and increase employability
  • Personal circumstances for which you contacted the academic counsellor during your research project. Your request should be supported by the academic counsellor.

Gathering more data, better results, new insight within the research group, inclusion, DEC or METC and other matters concerning day to day practice in research are not considered valid reasons.

Procedure to request for a new end date
Send an e-mail to your research project coordinator with a document attached that includes:

  • A valid motivation for the delay. If your motivation contains matters of privacy an e-mail from your academic counsellor supporting your request will suffice;
  • A solid plan containing a time schedule and the new end date;
  • The document must be signed by your examiner.

The research project coordinator will inform you about the decision by email.