Advanced fMRI Analysis

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Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) is one of the major methods for measuring neural activity in humans, and techniques for processing and analysing the data are under constant development. Since the introduction of fMRI and its basic task based analysis, many additional processing and analysis techniques have been developed that shed a more elaborate light on the functioning of the human brain. Understanding and the ability to apply these techniques is a necessary requirement for current researchers in the fMRI research field. The course will provide students with hands-on experience on several modern techniques using various software packages. In addition, we will provide tools that can help students to further expand their knowledge and abilities, and also to evaluate the scientific merit of novel approaches regarding e.g. validity and replicability.

Please note: . Following the Basic fMRI Analysis (BMB509117) course is a prerequisite for following the Advanced fMRI analysis course.


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