Neuroscience and Cognition

The neurosciences comprise a vast, multidisciplinary field aimed at understanding normal and pathological brain functions. It is this multidisciplinary character that makes the neurosciences so very interesting and challenging. To be able to plan experiments, collect, interpret and analyse data in this field and to get an idea of how the brain really functions, you need to know how to combine information from the different disciplines. Such a common action as seeing provides a clear example of the complexity of neuroscience: when you see something familiar many different things occur in your brain – cognition, since you recognise it; plasticity of neurons, since you remember; signal transduction, what you see has to be "translated"; behaviour, you act on what you see.

The programme starts with Introducing Life Sciences, a mandatory introduction week for all Master’s students of the GSLS.

Two tracks
This international Master’s programme will teach you the fundamental principles of neuroscience and will train you to conduct neuroscience research in a multi-disciplinary team. There are two tracks:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience
    Track coordinator is Nathan van der Stoep, PhD
  • Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience
    Track coordinator is prof. Roger Adan.
    (Consultation hours: Every Tuesday Str. 5.209 between 12.30 and 13.30 hr. No appointment needed.)

Additional Features
These programmes also offer some additional features: students have the opportunity to organise their own scientific symposium (Mind the Brain symposium) or to be part of the editorial board of their own journal (The Journal of Neuroscience and Cognition). In addition students meet international scientists in the neuroscience and cognition fields during Master classes, Summer schools and lectures provided by the participating institutes.

Relations and more information
Our programme is directly linked to the PhD programmes Cognition and Behaviour and Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. For more information on the Neuroscience and Cognition Master’s programme, visit our website.

Programme scheme
*Since 2018-2019, Introducing Life Sciences, together with the Life Sciences Seminars and Navigation Towards Personal Excellence, is part of the course Life Sciences Academy.

Major Research project
Mandatory theoretical courses
Elective component
Writing assignment
Life Sciences Academy*

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