Radio Life Sciences

This brand new GSLS project aims to re-define the communication lines between the graduate school and our student population through a series of podcasts. Scroll down to see all available episodes!

Our goal is to create a platform where you can find out information in a more informal way about the inner workings of the school and its ongoing developments. We believe it is important for you to gain access to more insights into the decision-making processes that eventually come to shape your own study experience - especially in the uncharted territory that is the pandemic we are currently living through.

Even more than that, we want you to gain a deeper understaning of the educational vision that we are working with in mind but also to make you aware of educational opportunities during your studies and career perspectives after graduation.

Each episode takes the form of a 15-25 minute interview of people from within the GSLS with interesting perspectives - be they educators, policy advisors, researchers or even students themselves. Eventually, we will interview external guests as well.

Soon, at the end of each podcast, we will start announcing the name of our next guest.

- Would you like to pose a question to that person?

- Or do you have suggestions for guest speakers?

- Or do you have feedback on the podcasts?

Feel free to send all of that to Anastasia Kurysheva.

Ultimately, what we want to do with this project is to give you, the students, a backstage pass so that you can gain access to the kinds of information and knowledge that interest you!

So what better way to do that than to be involved in it yourselves?

If you are interested in recording podcast interviews with (but not limited to):

  • researchers
  • principal investigators
  • educators
  • policy advisors
  • your fellow students

- then get in touch with Anastasia Kurysheva by dropping her an email!

Become part of the process by designing the format and selecting the questions yourself!