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Are you looking for an informal way to learn about your studies and future work possibilities? Are you interested in gaining insight into the decision-making process of the GSLS? Are you passionate about getting to know fellow students and GSLS policy advisors? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We are the Radio Life Sciences podcast team, a group of GSLS students and policy officers. We all share a passion to contribute to our community and are eager to dig deeper into the people of the GSLS. Come on board with us while we interview teachers, policymakers, GSLS staff, guests, and students! Who knows, maybe you’re up next for interviewing!

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Listen to the introduction of some of the (former) RLS team members in this trailer.

Hi! Let’s introduce ourselves. Where did it all start and who is in the RLS team?

It all began with a project proposal of our team member Anastasia Kurysheva titled: GSLS Podcasts "Radio Life Sciences". In her proposal she aimed to inform GSLS students in a more informal way about ongoing developments within the GSLS. This seemed more and more important, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the podcast would present GSLS students with the vision of the graduate school, educational opportunities, career options, and scientific insights from both inside and outside Utrecht University.

Ever since the first podcast with the GSLS director Harold van Rijen in October 2020, the RLS team has been expanding. We work in a group consisting of students of various GSLS programmes as well as GSLS staff members. We as the Radio Life Sciences team aim to make informative, entertaining, and inspiring podcasts for both educators and students of the GSLS. Curious to find out who we are, what inspires us, and what we do in the team? Read our testimonials below.


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