Quantitative Biology honours programme

The honours programme Quantitative Biology offers students extra challenge in the field of Quantitative Biology and Computational Life Sciences. The programme is set up for students with a genuine interest in interdisciplinary work as it sets out to combine different scientific disciplines such as Biology, Biomedical Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

The programme is offered to students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences as well as Natural Sciences. The aim of the programme is to train the next generation of scientists in Quantitative Biology.

More information and application:
Go to the QBio website.

Please take notice of the components of the honours programme in relation your regular master’s programme. Most components fit in the general programme outline of the Life sciences programmes, with the exception of Medical Imaging, Science and Business Management and Epidemiology postgraduate. In all cases please always first consult your programme coordinator to discuss your options.

Components Honours programme EC Place in curriculum
Summerschool Qbio1.5Elective
Qbio master course4.5Elective
Journal club- Extracurricular
Research project 33*Minor project*
PhD proposal7.5Writing assignment

*In the master’s programme MCLS it may be an option to use the major project (51 ec) for this cause as well.

Components that do not fit the regular study programmes may be taken extracurricularly. Those students who do not complete the whole honours programme can still use the Qbio master course as an elective. Students fulfilling all requirements of the honours programme (including the journal club) will get a notification on their Master’s degree supplement.