Once you have graduated from one of the Master's programmes of the Graduate School of Life Sciences we would like to welcome you as an alumnus!

Since the Master's programmes are organised by different faculties or departments, most programmes have their own network consisting of current students and alumni.  There are also overarching alumni organisations and as such you could be an alumnus of:

  • Biomedical Sciences (programmes: Biofabrication, Biology of Disease, Cancer Genomics and Developmental Biology, Epidemiology, Infection and Immunity, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience and Cognition, One Health, Regenerative Medicine and Technology, Toxicology and Environmental Health)
  • Faculty of Science (programmes: Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, Drug Innovation, Environmental Biology, Science and Business Management)

Additionally, student's associations often also keep in touch with their alumni. For more information on this please check their individual websites, listed here.