Online Course Radiation Protection – ELO on Open Sources

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Period (from – till):  Several times a year. The course can be (partially) flexibly planned within one of four editions of the course.
Start dates: 6th of September 2021, 1st of November 2021, 7th of February 2022 and 28th of March 2022.

Course description
This Online Course (in Dutch) provides theoretical knowledge about radiation protection to work in a laboratory in which open sources of radioactive materials are used. It is a set of web-based Radiation Protection modules with an accompanying test. Participants must complete the modules and successfully pass this test and will receive a certificate of participation.
This course covers only the theoretical aspects of radiation protection. To be able to work under the supervision of a radiation protection officer (TMS) with radioactive open sources (e.g. in a lab) it is also necessary to get a practical instruction at the workspace.

To register:
1. First fill in the General application form for electives to get your application approved by the GSLS;

2. After approval register  by sending an email to t.a.v. Mw. Peeters with subject: registration GSLS radiation protection course.



Optional for students from other programmes