Logical Argumentation in Science: Publishing, Proposals and Pitching

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This course aims to highlight an essential but underappreciated aspect of being a successful researcher, the logic of scientific argument. The logic of scientific argument is a key aspect of various scientific activities such as publishing and writing project proposals –including the revision-rebuttal process– but also when defending your data or pitching your work. For this, workshops on for example (abstract) writing, on the review and rebuttal process, and debating and pitching will be given. In addition, various aspects of the current scientific landscape, including societal impact and publishing as well as different research careers, will be covered.

The overall goal is to provide tools that enrich your skillset as a researcher and complement the ones gained by hands-on experience in the lab or in an internship.These tools will set the foundation upon which you can continue building on later in your career as a researcher.

Course sessions

The course will take place during Period 4. The sessions will take place on Friday morning. Every session will have preparation time prior to the session and/or assignments after the session. 

You can register for this course by emailing the General Research Profile coordinator (researchprojectcoordinator@umcutrecht.nl) before 7th of April. Please, indicate your Master's programme and student number. 



Optional for students from other programmes

Yes. Students enrolled in the General Research Profile will have priority.