Laboratory Animal Sciences

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This course is taught several times per year. 

This course is a requirement for conducting animal experiments and teaches you the basics on animal research.

The objective of the course is to present basic facts and principles that are essential for the humane use and care of animals and for the quality of research. From the beginning of the course, emphasis is placed on the fact that the scientist is the central person in the design and performance of animal experiments, and that he/she has specific responsibilities with respect to the welfare of the animals used. It is made clear that the use of animals can be accepted only under a set of strict conditions. Among these are that the experiment must be approved by an ethics committee, and must be conducted by persons who are fully competent.

Please note:

  • You should take the laboratory animal sciences course only if you need it for your research project; you must have permission from your supervisor and your programme coordinator.
  • Because this course is expensive, you need to fill the rest of your elective component with modules which are free of extra costs, in exceptional cases more than one course may be allowed. You have to ask prior approval from the Board of Examiners if you want to take more than one of these courses.
  • There are different courses offered please read the information on Osiris carefully. You must have permission from your supervisor and your programme coordinator to follow this course.

You can find the exact course dates and information for the English taught course here and about the Dutch course here.

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Fill out the form and first hand it in at your Master's programme’s administration desk for approval. You need a signature and financial account number in order to have the form accepted at the LAS administration. In order to get approval from the Board of Examiners please add a signed statement of your examiner that this course is mandatory for your researchproject. After obtaining the approval you can sent the form to the LAS administration.

Grade registration:
After finalising the course you will recieve a confirmation letter of completion including your grade. You have to e-mail this confirmation letter to your administration office (BMS / Biosciences) for the grades to be registered in Osiris. 



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