Communicating Life Sciences

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31 Mar 2022 till 16 Jun 2022

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During this course, the participants will write and edit popular science articles on research of the GSLS.

Students will learn to connect to knowledge and interests of their target group, identify newsworthy subjects, gather relevant information, learn how to conduct an interview, and write and edit popular science articles. Overall, students will learn what comprises a popular science story and get a feeling for society’s view of science.

Until 2018 students published the Master for life magazine. Previous issues of the Master for Life Magazine can be found here. More recent articles have been published through the GSLS instagram account

You can register for this course via Osiris Student. More information about the registration procedure can be found here on the Studyguide.

Registration is on a "first come, first served" basis. The maximum number of participants is 12, with a minimum of 8.



Optional for students from other programmes

Yes, all GSLS students.