Bio-Tech-Med interdisciplinary team training (BITT project)

Course catalogue code
BMB529019 or BMB539019
Short description

Starting point of this elective is a real-life patient-oriented problem (e.g. inflammatory bowel disease). You are going to develop a potential solution for this disease-related problem in an interdisciplinary team with master students from the Graduate School of Life Sciences, Medicine Master ‘SUMMA’, Technical University Eindhoven, and Wageningen University and Research. During the elective, you regularly consult stakeholders such as the patient and the treating physician.

The overarching aim is, that - based on a real-life patient-oriented problem - future doctors, engineers, and scientists with a background in nutrition & health or biomedicine collaborate to come up with a potential solution that exceeds the boundaries of a mono-disciplinary approach, and enhances the innovation and feasibility of the solution.

You work in small interdisciplinary groups guided by experts. The course consists of face to face plenary meetings and group meetings (online and face to face). You learn among others about interdisciplinary collaborative skills, design thinking, pitching, entrepreneurship, and patient perspectives.

The interdisciplinary approach of this elective requires flexibility in the schedule and from participants. The major part of the elective takes place from 8 - 26 March 2021. A minority is likely to take place before and after this period (starting event, self-study, and a closing event).

Detailed information on the schedule will follow.

Interested or more information? Contact Sanne de Jong:

This elective can be extended to  5 ECTS (BMB539019).



Optional for students from other programmes