Basics of Biostatistics (online course)

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Please note: Basic of Biostatistics is an online course (~16 hours per week). The course offers a variety of learning activities such as web lectures, discussions and (group)assignments. A maximum of 60 students can be enrolled in the course (divided into groups of max 15 students in order to remain small-scale learning).

The course provides an introduction to statistical methodology and supplies a number of statistical techniques important for practical data analysis. Examples from the medical and biological fields will be used in exercises.

NOTE: It is expected that students have some basic knowledge on descriptive statistics and mathematics.

Course schedule
The statistical theory will be introduced and discussed in the first 6 weeks (week 46 till 51). After the Christmas holiday (week 52 till 1) the remaining parts of the course are scheduled: case study (week 2) and exam (week 3). The re-exam is scheduled in week 6. You will find the more detailed schedule in the Osiris course catalogue.

You can apply for this course via Osiris Student. You will be able to register for this course in Osiris Student during a fixed time frame. See the information on the Study Guide. Registration for the course will open in the second half of September.



Optional for students from other programmes