Following an (online) course for GSLS will probably mean you will use ULearning. This is an online learning platform which is designed for the university of Utrecht.

To register for a course, you follow this procedure: https://studyguidelifesciences.nl/courses/course-registration-osiris-student#course-enrolment-procedure

After you have been accepted to the course you will receive a registration link from you course coordinator or teacher 1-2 week prior to the course. With the registration link you can register and log in on the platform. After registration you can change your profile and settings and, for example, add a photo to further personalize your profile-page. 

Check out this informative Filepresentation to learn more about how to use the platform.

For content-related questions you can always contact your teacher and/or e-moderator. For technical issues you can contact ulearning-support@uu.nl. Please put the name of your course in the topic of the email.

Following an online course differs from following a course on campus. You might encounter different challenges. Here are some tips:

  • An online course usually gives more freedom to choose when and where you want to follow the course and do your learning activities. However, please avoid the temptation to start the course and complete all the activities in a single visit, since you benefit from spreading your work throughout the week and checking the course environment multiple times a week.  This gives the opportunity to engage in interaction with your peers to share and discuss each other's ideas and reflections. By interaction, and by being confronted with different point of views, you have the chance to deepen your knowledge. Most courses have group assignments and deadlines during the week which will stimulate and facilitate to spread your work. 

  • Introduce yourself to your fellow students. By doing so, you will get acquainted even though you do not meet each other in person. In most courses you will contribute to different forums and it will be useful to know the person behind the username.

  • Some courses work with an e-moderator. An e-moderator is someone who will visit the course environment at least once a day. They usually have some knowledge about the subject and can answer questions or facilitate discussions, but they are not experts on all subjects. If they get questions, they don’t know the answer to, the questions will be sent it to the expert/teacher. In other courses, the expert/teacher visits the platform every day. It can happen that because they might be busier, teachers will not answer as quick as e-moderators do.

  • In most courses you will have to give peer feedback. Here is an e-learning module you can follow about giving and receiving feedback. Use the password "umcudemo" to gain access.