Course registration Osiris Student

Enrolment procedure in short
Enrolment for all* GSLS Master's courses is done via Osiris Student. You, the student, are responsible for registering in time for the courses you want to follow. You are also responsible for deregistering in time if you decide not to participate in a course. Failing to deregister in time or without a valid reason will diminish your chances on placement the next course registration period.

*There are three exceptions: 
1. First-year students. They will automatically be registered for mandatory courses in September or February by the Master’s administration. For all other mandatory courses you will need to register via Osiris Student as described.
2. Epidemiology (Postgraduate) courses. See the Epidemiology website for more information.

3. Science and Business Management Master's students and students following the Management Profile are automatically subscribed for the courses of Fundamentals of Business and Economics.

For questions, please contact your Master's administration office.

  1. Registration must be completed using Osiris Student* during the corresponding course enrolment periods. (See enrolment periods and deadlines below). Registration opens on the first day of the registration period at 00:00h and closes on the last day at 00:00h.
  2. After registration you will automatically be placed on the waiting list. 
  3. If there is extra information required for registration, e.g. a motivation letter, you will need to email this to the course coordinator before the registration deadline, and in addition to the Osiris course registration. This only applies if any extra information required for admittion to the course is described in the course description in the Osiris course catalogue.
  4. The course coordinator determines which students are admitted to the course. This is registered in Osiris after the course enrolment period and before the admissions deadline.
    • If you are admitted to the course, you will receive a confirmation email of your placement for the course via Osiris before the admissions deadline.
    • If you are not admitted to the course, you are removed from the waiting list and will be informed via an email from the Master administration.

* Students from outside Utrecht University need to take further action before they can register for courses via Osiris Student. For courses of the Science faculty, please follow the procedure as described here. For courses of Biomedical Sciences, please send an email to

  • If you are admitted and you still want to participate in the course you do not need to take any further action.
  • If you are admitted and you do not want to participate in the course anymore you need to deregister via Osiris student before the deregistration deadline. (See enrolment periods and deadlines below.)
  • If you are not admitted to the course you can register for another course during the corresponding late registration period (see enrolment periods and deadlines below). Courses that are not fully booked or that have new places available due to deregistration of students will be re-opened for enrolment. Please note: for courses that start before the end of the registration period, the late enrolment closes one week before the start of the course.
  • If you did not register for any courses during the normal enrolment period, you can still register during the late enrolment period.

Deregistration after the deadline
If you want to deregister after the deregistration deadline, please inform both your course coordinator and the master administration office about this.

Low-priority list
If you do not deregister in Osiris Student before the deregistration deadline, and do not show up or withdraw at the last minute without a valid reason, you will be put on a low-priority list and will be placed with the lowest priority for course enrolment in the next period.

Valid reasons
Valid reasons can be personal circumstances (to be determined by the academic counsellors) or placement for another course. You will have to send proof to the master administration office that you have been placed for another course after the deregistration deadline.

For questions, please contact your master administration office.