Courses taken at a foreign university

Master's courses provided by a foreign university (a university outside the Netherlands) are optional components for your Master’s programme. You need prior approval of the Board of Examiners.

How to ask for permission for foreign courses

You need to send an email to the Board of Examiners, including:

  • Which foreign courses you want to take;
  • The course descriptions (or a link to the website);
  • The link to the website where the credit and assessment system of the foreign university is described;
  • Written approval by your programme coordinator, including a statement that there is no overlap with other courses (to be) taken within your Master's programme.

You need to send your request at least two months before start of the course. The Board of Examiners will decide within six weeks whether the foreign courses may be part of your Master’s programme and the amount of credits that is awarded.

Registration of course results

On the basis of your official list of marks of the foreign university (Transcript of Records), the Board of Examiners will register your course results. The transcript of records needs to be sent by the foreign university to the Board of Examiners.

The foreign university will determine where the cut-off score lies for a pass, and records in the transcript whether the student has passed. Foreign grades are converted by the Board of Examiners into the alphanumerical results Pass/Fail. In addition, the original grades and assessment scale will be recorded in Osiris and printed on the International Diploma Supplement.