Video messages and webinars

Here you will find an overview of video messages and live webinars directed to GSLS students to offer suggestions and answer questions regarding their studies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Update: Webinar June 12th 2020

Update 04-06-2020 - Video message by the GSLS Degree Directors to Master's students

  • The Degree Directors of the GSLS, prof. Harold van Rijen and prof. Rob de Boer would like to provide some more context regarding the latest policies that are being implemented in the GSLS.
  • A Q&A forum has been set up to initiate a dialogue between the GSLS and its Master's students. Please visit this page to see what questions your fellow-students have already asked and to ask your own. Answers will be provided as soon as possible.
    (We are receiving messages that the link doesn't work for everyone. We are looking into it and will try to resolve it ASAP).
  • A live webinar will take place next Friday, June 12th at 10:00 AM during which more information will be provided about the study alternatives that the GSLS is developing and there will be the opportunity for more of your questions to be answered.
  • We are organizing a student panel to be involved in and provide feedback on the redesigning of the curriculum. If you are interested and want to be involved, registration goes through the LSR. You can contact them by emailing