'Going abroad' policy - International Office

Because of the Corona virus, the travel advice has been tightened for all countries in the world. At this moment, for each country at least travel code ‘orange’ applies. This travel advice indicates that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly advises everyone not to travel abroad. We do not know how the COVID-19 virus will develop in the Netherlands and worldwide and what the impact will be on the travel possibilities. We therefore advice you to reschedule your stay abroad to a later period this year or next year. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a perspective on when you will be able to travel again for your studies. It may therefore also be wise to think about a plan b in the Netherlands. You can discuss this with your Programme/Track Coordinator and the Research Project Coordinator.

Because of the stricter and negative travel advice for the entire world, research projects abroad will be conditionally approved in ‘Osiris Stay Abroad’. This means that the student has not yet received permission from the International Office to go abroad. Four weeks before the start of a research internship abroad, the International Office will assess, in consultation with the research project coordinator and based on the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign affairs  whether the student will receive permission to travel to the country in question.

As long as you have not received permission to travel for your studies, we strongly advise students not to make financial arrangements for future internships abroad as it is not clear whether these costs will be reimbursed.  However, students can start arranging their logistics

We would like to stress that the above policy is also applicable to students who recently returned to the Netherlands and who would like to return to their host institution abroad. If a student wants to return, we request him/her to register their stay abroad again in Osiris. Further instructions have been given by the International Office including signing the ‘Return form45.32 KB’ by themselves and the Research Project Coordinator with the new dates abroad. We also advise students to discuss their travel plans with the Programme Coordinator and Research Project Coordinator.

We also would like to remind students that they are always obligated to register their stay abroad in Osiris. It is important for the safety of our students to keep track of all students staying abroad. This link gives students instructions on how to register their stay abroad in Osiris.