'Going abroad' policy - International Office

Update 11TH OF June 2020

Prime Minister Rutte announced last week that holiday trips to a number of countries in Europe will soon be possible again. Until 15 June, the travel advice of Foreign Affairs is on orange for all countries, which means that you are advised not to travel. From 15 June it will be possible again to travel to other countries within the EU/Schengen zone and to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, if those countries allow you to do so as well. For the upcoming period, the travel advice for countries in those areas will be adjusted from orange to yellow (travel possible, beware of risks). Prime Minister Rutte emphasized that code yellow means that the situation can change on the spot. The Netherlands will not provide repatriation in those cases. For traveling to some European countries and outside the EU, a negative travel advice continues to apply. Check Netherlandsworldwide for the current state of affairs.

As written in the UU newsletter from Thursday 4th of June 2020, students are allowed to travel with code yellow, but only when necessary. Please be aware that the conditions of your travel insurance may have changed and costs for repatriation or extended stay may not be covered. The UU will not bear the costs in these cases. If you would like to travel for your studies to a country with travel code yellow, please consult the International Office of your faculty. We also would like to remind you that are obligated to register your stay abroad in Osiris.

We would like to stress that you are not allowed to travel for your studies to a country with an orange or red travel advice.

Update 29TH OF May 2020

Yesterday, Thursday 28th of May 2020, the UU e-mail has sent a general newsletter stating he UU decision to cancel all physical UU exchange programmes for students in the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021. Please note that this decision only applies to the exchange programmes and not to the research project abroad. The policy regarding the research project abroad remains unchanged. This means that as long as the travel advise of Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs is negative (code orange or red), UU students are not allowed to travel for their studies.

We do not know how the COVID-19 virus will develop in the Netherlands and worldwide and what the impact will be on the travel possibilities. We therefore advice you to reschedule your stay abroad to a later period this year or next year. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a perspective on when you will be able to travel again for your studies. It may therefore also be wise to think about a plan b in the Netherlands. You can discuss this with your Programme/Track Coordinator and the Research Project Coordinator.

Because of the stricter and negative travel advice for the entire world, research projects abroad will be conditionally approved in ‘Osiris Stay Abroad’. This means that the student has not yet received permission from the International Office to go abroad. Four weeks before the start of a research internship abroad, the International Office will assess, in consultation with the research project coordinator and based on the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign affairs  whether the student will receive permission to travel to the country in question.  In case the travel advise is still negative (code orange or red), you will not receive permission to travel for your studies.

As long as you have not received permission to travel for your studies, we strongly advise students not to make financial arrangements for future internships abroad as it is not clear whether these costs will be reimbursed.  However, students can start arranging their logistics.

We would like to stress that the above policy is also applicable to students who recently returned to the Netherlands and who would like to return to their host institution abroad. If a student wants to return, we request him/her to register their stay abroad again in Osiris. Further instructions have been given by the International Office including signing the ‘Return form45.32 KB’ by themselves and the Research Project Coordinator with the new dates abroad. We also advise students to discuss their travel plans with the Programme Coordinator and Research Project Coordinator.