External writing assignments / going abroad

If you are considering studying or doing a writing assignment abroad, you can consult the international officers. They have information on grants, visas, scholarships, administrative affairs, etc. Before contacting them, read the information in the GSLS checklist Going Abroad.

Programmes of Biomedical Sciences

Programmes of the Science Faculty

The GSLS encourages you to broaden your horizon. It is your own responsibility to realise this ambition, since there are no ready-made writing assignments. Suitable places for writing assignments outside Utrecht can be found via the internet, via UU or UMCU staff members, or via your programme coordinator. 

Always consult your programme coordinator. He or she can advise you about which institutes or companies are suitable for your writing assignment.

Like all projects, external projects require an examiner from the UU/UMCU and the approval from the Board of Examiners. Your examiner and supervisor host institute both need to sign the General application form* and the Internship contract.

*Note: students from the master's programme CSDB and SBM participate in a pilot of which the entire procedure is digitized. More information can be found here.

Besides approval from the Board of Examiners many things need to be arranged. Start by reading the GSLS Checklist Going Abroad for an overview of all aspects you should think of while organising your writing assignment abroad.

To finance (part of) your study abroad some financial support is available. You are responsible for arranging your own grant(s). Make sure you apply for a grant at least six months in advance. To obtain a scholarship you often need to get permission from the student dean (also called student counsellor) after first obtaining approval from the Board of Examiners.

Information on scholarships can be found at the general UU website(link is external), the website of the International Office of the Science faculty(link is external) and the website of the International Office of the Medicine Faculty(link is external). Deadlines for the different scholarships are also posted on the Facebook page(link is external) of the International Office of the Medicine Faculty.

More information can also be found on: 
www.wilweg.nl(link is external) 
www.uu.nl/buitenland(link is external) 
www.beursopener.nl(link is external)
www.housinganywhere.com(link is external)