Structure of the programmes

Main components
The Master’s programmes last two years; they comprise a total of 120 credits (EC). The main component includes two research projects, a major and a minor project. In addition, each programme supplies one or more specific Master’s courses. Students also perform a writing assignment and attend a number of seminars. Finally, each programme includes an elective component that can be used for deficiencies, additional courses or for additional research time.

No strict order
The order of the curricular components is not strictly regulated. Each student makes his or her own timetable. However, all students start with an introductory week (Introducing Life Sciences). Another precondition for the study relates to the major research project, which must be located at Utrecht University or the Utrecht UMC. For the minor project, students can also study elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad. Alternatively, they can choose one of the profiles.

For information about the scheme of your Master's programme look at the bottom of the page of the particular programme.