Waste in Science

Megaron, Educatorium
Prof. Berent Prakken

Prof. Dr. Berent Prakken, UMC Utrecht

Waste in Science

Waste in science: according to the Lancet more than 85% of research in Life Sciences is wasted. This lecture will be about the root causes of this inconvenient truth, about what it means for the way we (should) do science and about how to prevent that also your research will be waste(d).


Berent Prakken is a professor of immunology and pediatrics at the Utrecht Medical Center Utrecht as well as chair of Research and Education of the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital. He heads a translational research lab that focuses on regulation of inflammation and biomarker development in human inflammatory diseases. Prakken published over 170 articles (H index 37) in international journals, including Nature Medicine, Lancet, PNAS, J Exp Med , Immunity, JCI and various Nature Review journals. He and his group received numerous prestigious national and international awards and grants. The Prakken lab hosted a core facility for the Immune Tolerance Network of the NIH, and is an international expertise center for biomarkers and the Luminex technology. Prakken serves as an editor and associate editor of several journals and is a regular reviewer for most major journals in his field. Berent Prakken’s personal commitment is to collaboration, societal relevance and training & education. Unconventional thinking and crossing traditional boundaries inspired him and his co-founders to set up the Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine.


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