Life Sciences Seminars

Life Sciences Seminars are part of the course Life Sciences Academy : BMB509718, GSLS-ACAD since september 2018. Did you start earlier? Please scroll down.

Life Sciences Academy Part III: Life Sciences Seminars

Since September 2018, Life Sciences Seminars are part of the course Life Sciences academy (BMB509718 / GSLS-ACAD). If you started your studies earlier, please read the text below. 

You will pass the course Life Sciences academy, when all requirements of part I, II and III are met.

The Life Sciences Seminars are organized monthly by the GSLS and its Master's programmes. Every academic year a total of 10 seminars will be offered by the GSLS. A number of 5 seminars are given by well-known, international scientists who present their state of the art research on topics covering the full range life sciences. During the seminar the student is given a comprehensive overview of the activities in the field of Life Sciences thus enabling students to position their own research in this broad field. The other 5 seminars cover broader topics (interdisciplinary themes) and soft-skills needed for professional development.

Each Master’s student has to attend at least 7 seminars during their Master’s programme, of which a minimum of 5 LS seminars organized by the GSLS. Two seminars can be followed elsewhere, subject to the approval of the programme coordinator*.

During the GSLS seminars you are registered for attendance. A track list of LS seminars that were followed should be admitted together with one final self-reflection.The student is required to write the self-reflection individually (maximum 3 A4) about the knowledge and skills he/she obtained during the seminar series . This self-reflection will be evaluated by the programme coordinator (pass/fail).For the self-reflection, you can download a format in blackboard.

*Please note, that one or two seminars that are followed elsewhere have to be approved by the programme coordinator in advance.

To pass part III the LS seminars of the Life Sciences Academy:

  • the student hands in an overview (track-list) of 7 attended LS seminars (of which are at least 5 LS seminars organised by the GSLS). 
  • the student hands in the self reflection of 3 A4 to the Master's programme coordinator (pass/fail). 

Did you start your studies before September 2018?

Students, who started their Master’s before September 2018, are enrolled in the courses Introducing Life Sciences (BMB509713) and Life Sciences seminars (BMB509214 or GSLS-SEMIN). Together with Introducing Life Sciences, the Life Sciences seminars are 1.5 credits in total.

Each Master’s student has to attend at least 10 seminars. At least 8 LS seminars organized by the Graduate School of Life Sciences have to be followed; two seminars can be followed elsewhere, subject to the approval of the programme coordinator.

The student is required to write a brief report individually (maximum 1 A4) of each seminar attended, and submit these reports to your Master's programme coordinator. To pass the course**, the student hands in 10 summaries, at least 8 summaries of GSLS LS seminars, and a summary of the one or two seminars that were followed elsewhere, with the approval of the programme coordinator. Please note that you need to ask for this approval in advance.

**Master's programmes Regenerative Medicine and Technology, Medical Imaging, and Science and Business management are an exception. Please look in the Education and Examination Regulations for more details 

All Life Sciences Seminars start at 16:00 h, unless stated otherwise.