Research in Electives / Mini-project

All Master's programmes (except Epidemiology Postgraduate and Science and Business Management) have an elective component of 12 credits. These electives may be used in different ways. If you would like to perform extra research you may use these credits to:

  • perform a short internship / mini-project
  • extend your minor or major research project (Research Project in Electives)

In both cases you have to use the General application form1.94 MB to apply.

In case of an extension the Board of Examiners will only grant the application if this truly results in an extra contribution to the research project and if the extension is requested before the start of your research project. Please note: research project can only be extended with 6, 9 or 12 credits.

No extension
An extension will not be granted if you need more time to complete the existing research project, for example due to failed experiments or problems during the analysis or writing phase. In these cases, the research project has overrun and no extra credits will be allocated.

Extension after start of your research project
If you would like to apply for an extension at a later stage you should hand in a letter to the Board of Examiners with a formal request, indicating what will be the content of the extension. This letter should be signed by examiner, programme coordinator and yourself.

To apply for a mini-project indicate on your form what the content and the end product(s) of this project will be and how this/these will be assessed. You need an UU or UMCU examiner for your mini-project. Your examiner needs to sign your application form.

External mini-project

Besides a signature from your examiner, have you supervisor host institute sign the application form as well. External mini-projects, mini-projects at a non-university institute, and mini-projects abroad require signing of an external contract, the Internship contract from the GSLS by the student, the external supervisor and the examiner.