Final assessment

For the final assessment of your research project the following Rubrics can be used to discuss your strong points and points of improvement:

Rubric - research project - research skills
Rubric - research project - report
Rubric - research project - presentation

Rubrics for Business Internships can be found here.

The examiner has to provide a motivation for the final grade, for example by using these Rubrics, which has/have to be signed and handed in together with the assessment form. All three elements (research skills, the written report and the final presentation) have to be awarded at least a 5.5 in order to pass the final examination of the project.

All written products (essays, reports and writing assignments) will be checked for plagiarism via Ephorus.

Upload the final version of your report to Ephorus. Please note: Ephorus will ask for a ‘code’, this is the email address that is related to the account of your examiner, normally his/her work email address. If your supervisor does not have an account, (s)he can contact Pieter Jan van der Schoot (for UMCU examiners) or Hans Goedemans (Faculty of Science UU examiners). The printed report (summary) from Ephorus should be added to your Assessment Form.

What if plagiarism is > 10% 
If the percentage of plagiarism found by Ephorus is > 10% your examiner should write an explanation why this high percentage is not due to plagiarism. Hand in this explanation together with the report from Ephorus when handing in your assessment form.

Assessment form
When you have finished the report of your research project you must register your result using the Assessment Form. This form is only available on paper at:

Assessment deadline
The final presentation and the final written report of your research project must be delivered within 12 months after the start of the project for a major research project or within 9 months for minor research projects. This deadline can only be extended in exceptional cases, in which case it is the student’s responsibility to obtain written approval from your research project coordinator for a limited, pre-determined, extension period. Please note that no credits will be awarded for this additional time you spend on your project. 

To ask for extension, inform your research project coordinator (Els van der Vlist for BMS students, Iris Caris - Dentener for students from the faculty of Science) about the reason(s) for the delay and your new time schedule supported by your examiner. To inform your research project coordinator that your examiner agrees with the new time schedule, either have him/her sign the schedule or have him/her confirm this in an email to the research project coordinator.

In case of confidentiality the following procedure applies:

  • The examiner (Utrecht supervisor) should be allowed to have access to the reports of the student at all times. In addition, the student should be able to give his/her final presentation at the research group of the examiner. The Board of Examiners should be allowed to have access to the students report upon request.
  • Instead of the PDF of the final report, the student can hand in one A4 with the following information: Title of the project; student name, number and Master's programme; name, email addresses and affiliations (e.g. function and company or research group / institute) of the examiner and daily supervisor / supervisor host institute; a short summary of the project and a remark regarding secrecy. Have your examiner either sign the document or confirm via email to the Master's administration that this is indeed a case of confidentiality.
  • The final report should be checked via the plagiarism checker Ephorus. When the report is checked ‘under embargo’ the information in the report will not be stored in the Ephorus database. The option to upload a file 'under embargo' (vertrouwelijke controle, in Dutch) is only available when your examiner (supervisor) uploads the file to Ephorus.

Before handing in the Assessment Form at the Master’s Administration Office you have to:

  • Upload the final version of your report to Ephorus. For more information, please check the information on Fraud and Plagiarism (Ephorus) on this same page. The printed assessment report (summary) from Ephorus should be handed in together with your Assessment Form.
  • If the percentage of plagiarism found by Ephorus is > 10% your examiner should include an written explanation of this high percentage.
  • Hand in a digital copy (PDF) of your report of your research project when you hand in the assessment form at the Master’s Administration Office. This report should include a Dutch or English Layman's summary (in Dutch or English, 500 words, high school Biology level).
  • A motivation for your grade (for all grades, not just if your final grade is ≤ 6 or ≥ 8.5) from your examiner should be added to your assessment form. Your examiner can use the Rubrics to motivate the grade. (S)he can either add a signed, printed motivation to the assessment form or send this motivation to the Administration Office via email.

Assessment Forms without the Ephorus report, a digital copy of your report and -if necessary- a motivation written by your examiner will not be accepted or registered.

Checking your grades
Grades are registered in OSIRIS, which is an online system for student administration and study progress. The system contains your personal information, your timetable and an overview of all your grades.