Sustainable development goals

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Being involved in research, MSc students should be aware of the potential role their results could play to build a sustainable future. Moreover, students should be able to constructively discuss and connect with other students of the master's program. As such, this inter-track course will encourage the participants to determine and discuss how their research topic may contribute to solving questions related to sustainability. In particular, participants will put their research in relation with one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations ( Groups of ten students belonging to the five different tracks will be composed. Based on the project proposal that the students wrote at the start of their major internship, participants will write in no more than 500 words a report containing a clear description of their potential contribution. Each participant will read the reports of two fellow peers and gives peer review. Based on group meetings and discussion of the reviews, each group will choose one report which will be presented in plenary in no more than two slides at the end of the course.



Optional for students from other programmes

Yes, if space allows.

Maximum number of participants: 70

Dates to be confirmed