Life Sciences Representatives

Life Sciences Representatives (LSR) is a student initiative to represent the interests and rights of all Master's students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences at Utrecht University. You can directly contact us via


The LSR consists of at least one Masters student of every programme within the School, and preferably one from each track of the Masters in Neuroscience & Cognition. All student members of the Educational Committee (EC) and Board of Studies (BoS) are members of the LSR. In addition, at least one representative of the LS-associated student associations will take place in the LSR.


  • represent the interests of all Master's students of the GSLS at the educational level;
  • feedback between the student members of the EC and BoS and the rest of the students;
  • identify problems Master students experience within the course of their studies and try to resolve them, either by:
    • reporting and discussing the problems or complaints in the EC, BoS or programme coordinator meetings;
    • taking direct action or passing on the problem to those who are fit to handle it.
  • fill the vacant student positions in the EC and BoS at the start of each new academic year;
  • increase the coherence between the different programmes within the GSLS;
  • promotion of the LSR and it’s functions to the new Masters students every year;
  • handle the applications of putative new LSR members at the beginning of every academic year;
  • Responsible for the Buddy Programme for new GSLS international students (and students not from the UU).



  • Marc de Liedekerke Beaufort – SBM – Chair 2016-2017 
  • Ap Citak – SBM  
  • Leander Golbach – MCLS
  • Pieter Langerhorst – MCLS 
  • Daan van Kooten – EPIM
  • Marlin Broeks – EPIM
  • Anne Eck – CSCB
  • Lisette Penners – CSCB
  • Karlijn van Boxtel – IMIF – vice-chair 2016-2017
  • Rozemarijn van Laar – IMIF 
  • Martin van Oosterhout – ENVB 
  • Timo Ordeman – ENVB 
  • Jeanneke Spruit – NSCN 
  • Anete Salmane – BIIN 
  • Bram Meijlink – RMTM
  • Joni Remmits – Studentenassessor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Marit de Kort – vice-praeses Mebiose