Board of Studies

Board of Studies

The Deans together with the secretary of the GSLS form the Board of Studies (BoS), which is responsible for coordination and quality of both the Master's and PhD programmes. The BoS delegates most of its authority on daily matters to the Executive Board of Studies (E-BoS). Once or twice a year both BoS and E-BoS meet with all the programme coordinators and directors of the GSLS.

Members BoS
Prof. I.W.C.E. Arends, PhD; Dean Faculty of Science
Prof. F. Miedema, PhD; Dean Faculty of Medicine
Prof. W.J.A. Dhert, PhD; Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Secretary: S.W.H. van Weelden, PhD

Members E-BoS

Prof. H.V.M. van Rijen, PhD; Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Vice chair:
Prof. H.A.B. Wösten, PhD; Biosciences, Faculty of Science

J.A. van der Beek, MSc; PhD candidate
K.Y. Hage, BSc; MSc student
Prof. S.M.A. Lens, PhD; University Medical Center Utrecht
Prof. C.M.J. Pieterse, PhD; Faculty of Science
Prof. J.P.M. van Putten, PhD; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Prof. J.A.G. van Strijp, PhD; University Medical Center Utrecht
Prof. A.C.G. Egberts, PhD; director of doctor education GSLS 

Gönül Dilaver, PhD (Biomedical Sciences)
Shirrinka Goubitz, PhD (Faculty of Science)

S.B. Ebeling, PhD
C.W. van den Heuvel-Taverne, MSc (minutes)

Board of Studies 2018-2019