Educational Committee

The Educational Committee is composed of 7 staff and 7 MSc student-members representing the research Master’s programmes of Graduate School of Life Sciences.
The task of the Educational Committee concerns the establishment of the quality of education of the Master’s programmes within the School. This quality is established by evaluation of Master’s courses, writing assignments and research projects by students and the response of the responsible teachers, important parameters constitute scientific level of the course, study efficiency and student satisfaction. In addition alumni are asked to present their opinion whether the Master’s exit levels are congruent with Graduate School entry levels and with the entry levels of other institutions or companies that follow the Master’s education.

Contact the Educational Committee Life Sciences

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions concerning education in the Graduate School of Life Sciences, you can contact the Educational Committee via


The Educational Committee Life Sciences consists of the following members:

Staff members

  • Dr. Inge The (chairFaculty of Science - Dept. of Biology)
  • Gerhard Blab, PhD (Faculty of Science - Dept. of Physics & Astronomy)
  • Paul Henricks, PhD (Faculty of Sciences - Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Eric Huizinga, PhD (Faculty of Science - Dept. of Chemistry)
  • Martin Houweling, PhD (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
  • vacancy (Faculty of Medicine - Biomedical Sciences)
  • vacancy (Faculty of Medicine – Neuroscience and Cognition)

MSc student members

  • Karlijn van Boxtel (vicechair - Biomedical Sciences - I&I)
  • Martin Oosterhout (Biological Sciences - ENVB)
  • Jeanneke Spruit (Biomedical Sciences - NSCN)
  • Anete Salmane (Biological Sciences - BII)
  • Marit de Kort (Biomedical Sciences - student's association 'Mebiose')
  • Marc de Liedekerke Beaufort (Science and Business Management - SBM)
  • Bram Meijlink (Biomedical Sciences - RMT)


  • Gönül Dilaver, PhD (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Shirrinka Goubitz, PhD (Faculty of Science)


  • Kirsten Boersma - van Nierop, MSc
  • Marjan de Vos (minutes)

From left to right
Back: Kirsten Boersma-van Nierop, Marc de Liedekerke Beaufort, Anete Salmane, Gerhard Blab, Marit de Kort, Martin van Oosterhout, Paul Henricks, Jeanneke Spruit.
Front: Inge The, Marjan de Vos, Karlijn van Boxtel.
Not in picture: Gönül Dilaver, Shirrinka Goubitz, Martin Houweling, Eric Huizinga, Bram Meijlink.