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Note: this is an online course stretching over 7 weeks with a study load of approximately 8 hours per week (taking into account vacation days). Please take into account that the study load is divided over the week so you will need to be able to login on various moments.

Course description:
Tissue engineering (TE) is an ever-growing multidisciplinary scientific field aiming at replacing injured, missing or damaged tissue. Current researchers in the field use different principles, knowledge and techniques from (stem) cell biology, vascular biology, medicine, biomaterials and bioengineering. Vascular and vascularized tissue engineering take prominent places within this field.  The construction of blood vessels is both an independent target for replacement therapy as well as an integral part of larger constructs. A crucial challenge in obtaining large sized functional TE scaffolds (>1 milimeter in any dimensional space) is how to introduce a complex vascular tree that supplies a steady medium and blood stream for the expanding tissue to meet oxygen en nutrient demands.

This course teaches Master students’ in-depth and hands-on knowledge on developmental and adult blood vessel formation in health and disease and the current clinical treatments for which vascular(ized) TE is thought to be eligible. Moreover, we will address state of the art techniques of vascular(ized) TE, including the use of biomaterials and cell sources for bioreactor-cultured and in situ applications.


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Open to Master students of all GSLS programmes. In case of exceeding the maximum amount of participants (16), students from RMT, BOD, Biofab will get priority placement.