Radiation Safety 5B

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The radiation safety course 5B level is open to MSc students who need it for their research project. You must have permission from your supervisor and your programme coordinator. The courses health physics level 5 concern the safe handling of radioactive sources and radiation producing equipment with a limited irradiation risk.

Go to the websites for specific course dates: 

Course information (select the 2,5 day course. PDF with details available).
Unfortunately there seems to be no English page available. If anything is unclear, please contact the person under "informatie" in the PDF with details on the website via the link above.

Please note: Because this course is expensive, you need to fill the rest of your elective component with modules which are free of extra costs. The costs of the radiation safety course at level 4B will not be reimbursed.

To register, please hand in the following completed form at your administration office:

1. General Application Form for electives;

After approval fill in the from below of the TU Delft
2. Form of the TU Delft.



Optional for students from other programmes