Introducing Life Sciences

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Introducing Life Sciences (ILS) is a mandatory introduction course for all Master’s students of the GSLS at the start of the academic year. Together with the Life Sciences seminars (0.75 credits) this course is 1.5 credits in total. The ILS course is in the first week of the academic year and will cover all aspects of academic education, including science integrity, career development, and valorisation & industry. During this week there will also be time to get to know each other and the School's staff.

For students who started in February 2017, please note that your participation during the ILS in from 4 September - 8 September 2017 is mandatory.

A programme overview of the week will be availabe here when it is finalised. 

You will receive an invitation for the course and more information via email.

Want an impression of the week of last years? Go here.


For all GSLS Master's students.

Optional for students from other programmes

For all GSLS Master's students.