Bio-Inspiration Essentials

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This is a course that introduces the field of Bio-Inspiration. We start to elucidate the philosophical and historical roots of the concept of bio-inspiration. We will touch upon  movements like: deep ecology and permaculture and illustrious predecessors such as, Leonardo da Vinci, Buckminster fuller, Viktor Schauberger, Jay Harman and Bill Mollison.
Then we will give an overview of the main bio-inspired approaches, being: biomimicry, bionics, nature inspired design, natural capitalism, biophilia, Circular Economy and CtoC. And you will learn to see similarities and differences because you will learn how to relate and classify different bio-inspired approaches. Finally we will address Design as a discipline and process through which you can start to formulate and explore possibilities for innovation be it a product, process or systems innovation.

You learn how to define the function you want to ‘biologize’, to describe the scope and hoped for outcome in such a way that a biologist can deliver the information you need to gather as an important co-creative step in an innovation process.

Please note: this is an online course stretching over 10 weeks, with a study load of approximately 4 hours per week.

Please register via Osiris. The maximum number of participants is 16.



Optional for students from other programmes

Yes. This course is open as an elective to all GSLS students.