Academic Writing

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This mini-course will focus on the demands of ‘academic’ writing in English, and will include topics such as writing strategies, text plans, referencing, revision and resources. To get the most out of this course, it is important that you are (starting with) writing an internship report or Master's thesis. 

Registration is on a "first come, first served" basis. For the editions of this course that start before 12 November 2018, you can apply via the Study Guide, using the button below. 

For editions of this course that start after 12 November 2018, you can apply via Osiris Student.
You will be able to register for this course in Osiris Student at specific intervals, based on the starting date of the course. See the information on the Study Guide.

This applies to the following editions of the course:
Date 2: 5/12/2018 till 23/01/2019 (Osiris Student starting block: BMS P2 A)
Date 3: 8/5/2019 till 26/6/2019 (Osiris Student starting block: BMS P4 A)

The maximum number of participants is 15, the minimum 6.



Optional for students from other programmes