Navigation Towards Personal Excellence

Navigation Towards Personal Excellence is part of the course Life Sciences Academy : BMB509718, GSLS-ACAD

Life Sciences Academy Part II: Navigation Towards Personal Excellence (NTPE)
NTPE expands on the information about profiles, valorisation, and experiences of alumni during ILS with 3 workshops and reflection days within your own Master’s programme:
1.     I Study Crafting (year 1)
2.     II Envisioning your future (year 1)
3.     III Off you go! (year 2)

The first workshop 'Study crafting' focuses on the choices within the first year (both specific study components as well as choices for your personal development).

The second workshop 'Envisioning your future' will take place at the end of year 1. In this workshop the focus is on choices in the second year, and aims to raise awareness for the demands of the job market. In this workshop alumni of your own program are invited to share their experiences with you.

The final workshop 'Off you go!' in the 2nd year of your Master’s, covers the demands of your future employers and gives you an insight in the job application process. You will discuss these items through a webinar, so you can join your community from where ever you will be in this world.

Attendance will be monitored by the programme coordinator during every workshop.

The first workshop will be offered within the first 4 months of your Master’s programme (before the end of December). The second workshop will be offered within the first year of your Master’s programme (~ June) , whereas the third workshop will be offered in the 2nd half of your 2nd year (~May).

If you start your Master’s programme in February, the first workshop will be within the first 2 months of your Master’s programme (Feb/March).

Since September 2018, NTPE is part of the course Life Sciences academy (BMB509718 / GSLS-ACAD). Participation is mandatory.

Students who started their Master’s before this date, are enrolled in the courses Introducing Life Sciences (BMB509713) and Life Sciences seminars (BMB509214 or GSLS-SEMIN).